May 2016

Whitby’s Sea Song and

Shanty Group

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 Coblers Monday, Whitby’s Sea Song and Shanty group

 was formed in 1996 by Mick Haywood, Mike Stather   and Alan Perks, three stalwarts of Whitby Folk Club   in readiness to perform sea songs and shanties for the   ‘Homecoming’ visit to Whitby of the replica HM Bark   Endeavour in 1997.

 The group name Coblers Monday was derived from the

  custom of some Whitby  coble fishermen not to put to

 sea after a weekend's over indulgence.

  The practice of returning to the Towns hostelries for

  a reviving 'hair of the dog', was known locally as a

 'Coblers Monday'.

HM Bark Endeavour